The Interreligious Council of San Diego (IRC) - Our Work

Members of the IRC

As Baha'is, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and Sikhs, we represent many of the faith communities in San Diego. Our communities may have different prayers, different customs, different ancestries and different languages. While respecting these differences, we share certain interests, values, and goals in common. It is to give voice to these commonalities that we join together. The IRC is an interfaith organization representing eight faith groups in San Diego: American Islamic Services Foundation, Baha'i Faith, Buddhist Temple of San Diego, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Christian Churches Together, San Diego Rabbinical Association, The Sikh Foundation San Diego and Vedanta Society.

How We Work

We recognize that misunderstanding of religious, cultural and ethnic differences has often led to bigotry, oppression, and violence. As an interreligious body, we strive to provide a model of tolerance and a voice of openess and understanding among all people. We seek to serve as a religious resource to the entire community and to provide information and programs in a balanced and non-proselytizing spirit. In order to maintain our effectiveness as a moral and religious voice, we will at all times avoid involvement in partisan politics.

What We Value

We value human life and dignity, and support efforts to enhance life and dignity for all peoples. We value religious, cultural, and ethnic diversity, and support efforts to protect the richness of our human heritage. We recognize the importance of religious values in society, and seek to provide a moral leadership where needed and appropriate.